If you employ workers in Manitoba, it’s important to know that you have rights and responsibilities both with the WCB and your employees.

Employer Responsibilities

  • If the worker needs medical care or misses time at work, you need to Report the Injury or Illness within five business days of the incident or the day you found out about the incident.
    • You still need to report the injury to the WCB even if you don’t agree with the worker about how the injury happened.
    • If a worker did not need medical care and did not miss time from work due to an injury, you do not need to report the incident.
  • Encourage workers to Report their injury or illness to both you and the WCB.
  • You are responsible to pay injured workers for their whole shift on the date of their injury.
  • You must pay injured workers on statutory holidays to follow Manitoba Labour Law.
  • You are responsible for working with your employee and updating the WCB throughout their recovery period.
  • You are responsible to provide wage information to the WCB.

You are not allowed to discourage a worker from reporting. The WCB may issue you a penalty for doing so.


  • Let the WCB know when the injured worker returns to work.
  • You need to Re-Employ Workers that have been on your payroll for at least 12 straight months before the date of their injury or illness.
  • Note: This is only for employers with 25 or more full-time or regular part-time workers. If you want a healthcare provider to complete a Functional Abilities Form for a worker, you are responsible for any payment you offer the healthcare provider.


Employer Rights

  • You have the right to know the decision on a claim and why it was made.
  • If you don’t agree with the decision made on a claim, you have the right to request reconsideration.
  • You have the right to ask the WCB for information about your worker’s abilities after an injury.
    • Please note that we can give information about the worker’s abilities, but we cannot tell you a diagnosis or details about their medical treatments.

If you do not follow your responsibilities as an employer, you may receive a fine or penalty.

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