As an employer, there are important dates and deadlines you must meet to fulfil your responsibilities with the WCB.

Early January – Annual Payroll Reporting Letter

The WCB will send an annual payroll request in early January. The letter includes a six-digit Access Code for Online Payroll Reporting.

Note: If you have Personal Coverage only and do not employ any workers at your business, you will not receive a request for annual payroll information. Instead, you must pay for your Personal Coverage by January 31 otherwise your coverage will be cancelled.

February 28 - Payroll Reporting Deadline

The deadline to report payroll is that last day of February. If you miss the deadline, you will receive a penalty of five per cent of your WCB premium.

You do not need to send payment at this time.

April 30 – Late Reporting Penalty Increases to 10 per cent

If you do not send your information by April 30, the WCB will impose a payroll estimate and a 10 per cent penalty is applied to your account.

If you have your payroll information before getting the request in the mail, you can contact Assessment Services directly to report your payroll ahead of time.


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