Your business activities refer to the kind of work your business does day to day. If this work changes, like moving from landscaping to farming, you need to tell the WCB as this will affect your industry classification.

How do I report a change in my business activities to the WCB?

To report a change in your business activities, you can contact our Assessment Services Department. We will decide if the changes require a different industry classification for your business.



In Winnipeg: 204-954-4505

Toll-free: 1-855-954-4321, ext. 4505

We group businesses that do similar kinds of work into industry classifications for the purposes of rate setting

Industry classifications are based on the type of work you do, not who is doing the work. If you go from having workers on your payroll to hiring contractors or subcontractors instead (or vice versa) this does not mean there was a change in business activities. 

We recommend looking at our classification manual to review your current industry classification if you are unsure about which industry your business activities fall under and if you need to report a change. You can find your industry classification on your annual rate statement.

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