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The Online Employer Registration tool is a secure Internet application. It takes five to 10 minutes to complete and you only need to provide the information once. You can complete the registration request at your convenience - it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To apply for workers compensation coverage in Manitoba, complete our Online Employer Registration application.

Workers compensation coverage is no-fault insurance – this means that workers are covered no matter how their work-related injury happens. If an injury does occur in the workplace, both you and your employees are protected. WCB coverage does this by:

  • protecting you from liability in the event of a work-related injury
  • providing prevention services through Industry Based Safety Programs (IBSPs) and SAFE Work Manitoba
  • assisting with Return to Work plans
  • providing wages to your workers while they recover
  • offering extended healthcare benefits after a worker’s injury.

What Are My Rights and Responsibilities?


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