The workers compensation system is a group effort. Workers’ rights are employers’ responsibilities and employers’ rights are workers’ responsibilities.

Workers Have the Right To:

  • get medical care from the doctor or healthcare provider of their choice after an injury on the job
  • report their injury to the WCB
  • appeal the WCB’s decision on their claim if they don’t agree.


Workers’ Responsibilities

  • The worker needs to report the injury to their employer right away. If the worker needs medical care or misses time from work, the worker also needs to report the injury to the WCB.
  • The worker needs to follow their healthcare provider’s treatment plan for a safe recovery.
  • The worker needs to take part in a Return to Work plan if one is created. The worker’s responsibilities include maintaining open communication with the WCB, their healthcare provider and their employer about how their recovery is going. For more information, see Return to Work Roles and Responsibilities.

  • let the WCB know when they can return to work after an injury
  • explain their limits to their employer so they can safely return to work
  • keep the WCB and the employer updated if there is a change in their work status, abilities or treatment plan
  • report any changes to income or other benefits to the WCB.



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