It can be overwhelming to know what to do if you’re hurt at work. If it happens, follow these simple steps to report your injury, get healthcare and claim workers compensation benefits.


1. Report an injury to your supervisor

The first step is to tell your supervisor you were hurt at work. Your supervisor may ask you to complete a form with information about the injury. If your employer does not have a form for you, please complete the Notice of Injury to Employer form.

Please note that your employer will also report your injury to the WCB.


2. Get medical help

Get the medical help you need. When you do, let your doctor know you were hurt at work. The doctor will complete some paperwork for the WCB to help us manage your injury.


3. Call the WCB

If you miss time from work or see a healthcare provider because you are hurt at work, call the WCB at 204-954-4100 or toll-free 1-855-954-4321.

A Claim Information Representative will take your injury details and other information. As well, the WCB has translation services available to help you speak to a WCB representative in the language of your choice.

The Claims Information Centre is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).

Additionally, you can report an injury to the WCB by fax, mail or the Worker Online Incident Report. This application is secure, and available to report a workplace injury 24/7. Please note you will require either Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or Google Chrome internet browser, as well as JavaScript enabled on your web browser. 

You can also download the Worker Incident Report form. This form must be filled out on your computer, printed and submitted by fax or email. The paper forms are also available by calling 204-954-4922.

By fax:

Fax your completed Worker Incident Report Form to the WCB at 204-954-4999, or toll free outside of Winnipeg 1-877-872-3804.

By mail:

Mail your completed Worker Incident Report Form to the WCB:

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
333 Broadway

Winnipeg MB R3C 4W3


Next Steps

While you recover from your injury be sure to follow these steps.


Follow your healthcare provider’s treatment plan

Take your medication, participate in any physical rehabilitation programs prescribed to you, and go to all your appointments. An active recovery is the best way to get back to health and work quickly. Your WCB benefits may be stopped if you aren't following your doctor's treatment plan after being hurt at work.

Keep in contact with your employer

If you’re hurt at work, keeping in touch can help make your return to work easier. Let your supervisor know how your recovery is going, and when you may be able to return to work.

Stay in touch with the WCB

The WCB will assign an adjudicator to your injury claim to make sure you get your benefits. Stay in touch with your adjudicator to let them know of any changes in your injury, how you are recovering, and when you return to work.


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