1. Report an Injury

To report an injury, call 204-954-4321 or toll-free 1-855-954-4321. You can also send us your report online by filling out the Worker Online Incident Report, or fax or mail your claim by filling out the PDF Worker Incident Report.

Fax:                                                       Mail:
204-954-4999                                     Workers Compensation Board of MB
TF: 1-877-872-3804                           333 Broadway
                                                               Winnipeg, MB R3C 4W3


2. Claim Decision

We will gather information from you, your employer, and your healthcare provider and decide to either accept or deny the claim. The length of time it takes to provide a decision can depend on the complexity of the claim and availability of information. We will be in contact with you if more information is required.


3. Benefit Calculation

If you're claiming for benefits, such as wage loss benefits, healthcare treatment or prescription costs, the WCB will decide what can be covered and calculate your benefits. For more information, please see the Benefits Guide FAQ.


4. Return to Health and Work

If you're missing time from work, we will assist you to return to safe and suitable work. While you recover from your injury, be sure to follow these steps:

a. Follow your healthcare provider's treatment plan

Take your medication, participate in any physical rehabilitation programs prescribed to you, and go to all your appointments. An active recovery is the best way to get back to health and work quickly. Your WCB benefits may be stopped if you aren't following your doctor's treatment plan after being hurt at work.

b. Keep in contact with your employer

If you’re hurt at work, keeping in touch can help make your return to work easier. Let your supervisor know how your recovery is going, and when you may be able to return to work.

c. Stay in touch with the WCB

Stay in touch with your WCB representative to let them know of any changes in your injury, how you are recovering, and when you return to work.