Everyone has responsibilities within the workers compensation system.

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Employer Responsibilities

  • Register with the WCB if you are in a mandatory industry (most cases).
  • Report workplace injuries and illnesses within five business days of becoming aware of them.
  • Encourage workers to file an injury claim with the WCB if they are hurt at work, and do not take any action to discourage them from doing so.
  • Submit accurate payroll information by the date requested in order for the WCB to determine premiums.
  • Pay premiums by the due date and do not pass on the cost of coverage to workers.
  • Make sure that the contractors or subcontractors your business works with comply with WCB requirements.
  • Re-employ workers you have employed for at least 12 continuous months before the date of their injury or illness – this obligation applies only to employers with 25 or more full-time or regular part-time workers.
  • Advise the WCB when injured workers return to work following an absence due to a workplace injury.
  • Pay injured workers for their entire shift on the date of the injury.


Worker Rights and Responsibilities

  • In the event of an injury:
    • Seek healthcare attention (if needed)
    • Tell your Supervisor/Employer that you have been injured at work.
    • If you miss time from work as a result of your injury, report the injury to the WCB as soon as possible.
  • Make truthful and accurate statements to the WCB at all times.
  • If you are receiving WCB benefits, tell the WCB of any changes in circumstances that may affect your compensation (e.g. changes to employment status including any concurrent work or self employment activities whether paid or volunteer, all employment income, other insurance plans, dependent or marital status).
  • If you are receiving WCB benefits, notify the WCB when you are returning to work.
  • Follow your healthcare provider’s treatment plan and attend any follow-up appointments.
  • Stay in touch with your employer on a regular basis to ensure they are aware of your progress and when you may be able to return to modified/alternate work or your regular job duties.


Healthcare Provider Responsibilities

  • Diagnose and treat the illness or injury following an evidence based approach.
  • Give information, advice and assistance to the injured worker, including any certificates and reports that may be required by the WCB, without charge to the worker.
  • Complete the WCB reports promptly and send them directly to the WCB.
  • Communicate a worker’s capabilities with the worker and the employer.
  • Work with other involved healthcare professionals to facilitate the injured worker’s improvement and safe return to work in a timely manner
  • Bill the WCB for medical aid within 12 months of the discharge of the worker or within 12 months of the worker's return to work following their injury, whichever is shorter.
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