Your claims costs are an indicator of your business’s performance in the workers compensation system. The more claims costs you have, the higher your WCB premiums and rates will be.

To set your rate each year, we look at claims costs over three calendar years.

2024 Rate Calculation Graphic

When you have active claims with the WCB, you will receive a Claim Transaction Statement (CTS) on a monthly basis to keep you informed on the costs related to the claims. Your CTS also shows which claims costs will be used to set your rate in the future.

If you have questions about the claims and costs listed on your CTS, contact the Claims Service Centre.



In Winnipeg 204-954-4321

Toll free 1-855-954-4321

If you have questions about how your claim costs will affect your rates, contact the Assessments Services Department.



In Winnipeg 204-954-4505

Toll free 1-855-954-4321, ext. 4505

There are two main ways to improve your performance and reduce WCB costs:

Find out which IBSP is right for your business. 


Return to Work Programs

When someone is hurt at work, employers and workers alike feel the impact. A Return to Work Plan for injured workers can help your business stay productive, reduce days lost and give your worker the help they need for a healthy recovery.

Learn more about Return to Work for your business

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