If your employee is hurt at work, we’re here to help. 

Report an Injury as Soon as Possible – Within Five Business Days

If a worker is hurt on the job and they need to get medical attention or take time off to recover, you need to file a report with the WCB as soon as you can. This needs to be within five business days from the date the worker was injured or the day you found out about the injury.

Reporting Workplace Injuries Early Is Good for Your Business

If you don’t report the injury to us in five business days, you will receive a fine or penalty for late reporting. 

The Employer Incident Report Form lists all the information we need from you. We ask that you give us all of the information you can within five days of the incident. 

Workplace injuries can be reported over the phone, by fax, by mail or online – whichever method suits you best.


Within Winnipeg: 204-954-4321 

Toll free: 1-855-954-4321  

We suggest taking a look at the Employer Incident Report Form before calling to make sure you have all the information you need.


Within Winnipeg: 204-954-4999

Toll free: 1-877-872-3804

Download the Employer Incident Report Form on your computer to fill out, print and fax it to us at our Winnipeg or toll free number.


Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

333 Broadway

Winnipeg, MB

R3C 4W3

The Employer Incident Report Form is a fillable PDF that you can save to your computer, fill out and print.


The WCB’s Online Incident Reporting tool is secure and ready to use 24/7. Before you report an injury online, you need to register with the WCB’s Technical Support Team to set up an account.

Learn more about Online Incident Reporting for employers, including how to register.

Your worker also needs to report the injury to the WCB and provide us some information to process the claim.

It is a best practice for you to help your worker report the injury. When the worker reports the injury to you, ask them to report it to the WCB right away - give them a quiet place (like an office or meeting room) to call the WCB.

Workers and healthcare providers also need to report a workplace injury to the WCB.

If we learn about an injury at your business from your worker or your worker's healthcare provider, we will still contact you to get your report of the incident. This is usually done over the phone.

Learn about your rights and responsibilities and your workers’ rights and responsibilities in the workers compensation system. 


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