Accounting and Finance
Funding Policy31.05
Rate-Setting Model for Class E Employers31.05.05
Cost Relief/Cost Transfers - Class E31.05.10
Cost Relief/Cost Transfers (Oct 2014 to Dec 2017)
Cost Transfer Self Insured31.05.15
Transfer of Assessment Rates and Claim Costs Experience on Change of Ownership31.05.20
Allocation of Surplus Distribution among Class E Employers31.05.30
Recoveries From Third Parties31.10.40
Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives32.00
Reporting and Verifying Payroll35.05.10
Paying and Refunding Premiums35.05.20
Compensation Coverage for Union Activities35.10.40
Status of Workers - Independent Contractors and Employers35.10.50
Coverage Under a Work Experience Program35.10.60
Coverage for Volunteers35.10.70
Terms and Conditions of Optional and Personal Coverage35.10.120
Placement of Employers into Industry Classifications35.20.10
Associated Employers35.20.15
Requests For Self Insured Status35.20.50
Criteria for Self Insured Status: Class B (Prior to Jan. 1/95)
Interest Rates Under Regulation (Information Only)35.40.05
Overpayments of Benefits35.40.50
Overpayments of Benefits 2000 - 201735.40.50.01
Interest on Compensation Payments36.50
Payments on Behalf of Persons with Mental Illness36.60