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Individuals who volunteer at a non-profit or charitable organization are exposed to the hazards of the industry and face the risk of injury.  The Workers Compensation Act (the Act) provides that non-profit or charitable organizations may voluntarily purchase workers compensation coverage for these volunteers.

WCB coverage provides immunity from lawsuit for covered workers and employers. Volunteers may fall into this category. The availability of WCB coverage will limit liability issues for volunteer organizations.

Individuals who volunteer are not paid a wage for the work performed.  However, many will have earnings from other paid employment that may be interrupted if an injury is sustained. Some volunteers will have no earnings, but may experience a loss of probable earning capacity as a result of the injury. 

This policy provides direction on determining average earnings for a volunteer including their probable loss of earning capacity. The policy also defines who is a volunteer, what is a non-profit or charitable organization, and how assessments are calculated.