Employers of Apprentices

If your business is in a mandatory industry and you have an apprenticeship agreement, your apprentices are included in your workers compensation coverage.

Apprentices are included in your coverage whether they are participating in on-the-job training or in-school technical training. In either case, you are considered the employer of record and all costs associated with a claim are applied to your firm’s experience.

Incident Reporting

When an employee is injured, the last thing on anyone's mind is paperwork. No one wants to wait and watch the mail for forms that will have to be filled out and sent back in order to get people the compensation they need. But somebody has to provide an incident report...and the sooner that report gets to the WCB, the sooner it can be processed and the sooner we can get an injured worker back to health and work.

So the WCB is making incident reporting easier...by moving it online.


Clearances is a secure Internet application that will allow you to search potential sub-contractors and request authorized clearance status documents. If you become a registered user, you can also use this tool to compile and store lists of the sub-contractors you use most often and be updated on their clearance status via e-mail.

This system is one of many services deployed on the web by WCB and is part of an initiative to provide faster and better service to our clients.

Selling or Closing a Business

If you are selling or closing a business, the steps to close your WCB account are similar.


1. Tell Us About Your Change of Business

Whether you are selling or closing your business, you must contact Assessment Services to let us know:

  • the final date you employed workers
  • your actual payroll for the current year up to the final date of employment.

If you are selling the business, we will also ask you for:

Buying a Business

In most cases, when buying a business in Manitoba, that business’s account history with the WCB will also transfer to you. If you’re planning on buying a business, there are two important questions to consider:


1. Is the Seller’s WCB Account in Good Standing?

The seller should provide you with a Disposition of Business Enterprise Certificate that they obtain from the WCB. This certificate confirms there is no outstanding debt with us. If you do not secure this, you may be responsible for any monies owing on the seller's account.

Fair Practices

Fair Practices Office

The Fair Practices Office is an independent office within the workers' compensation system in Manitoba.

The Office acts as an ombudsman for injured workers, their dependents, and employers with the goal of helping them resolve issues they may have with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), and in doing so, help the WCB improve its quality of service.

The Fair Practices Office has three main purposes:


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