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Under the workers compensation system, employers are required to report their payroll information to the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) for the calculation of premiums for coverage for workplace injuries and illnesses. The sound financial management of the workers compensation system depends on employers submitting accurate business and payroll information to the WCB. The WCB will establish an assessment account for any employer, business or independent contractor who is required to have mandatory coverage, or requests to have optional or personal coverage, or any combination of these coverage types. For the general body of employers (employers in Class E), premiums are calculated using their workers' payroll figures multiplied by an assessment rate, as established by Policy 31.05.05, Rate Setting for Class E Employers. Once an employer's premium is calculated, the WCB sends a notice of the premium due.

The process for paying premiums is outlined in Policy 35.05.20, Paying and Refunding Premiums. The purpose of this policy is to describe the process for employers to follow when reporting payroll and the consequences of late reporting, failing to report, and inaccurate reporting of payroll.