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Effective financial management of the workers compensation system depends on the WCB's ability to collect money owed to the board in a timely manner. 

The Workers Compensation Act (the Act) contains provisions that empower the WCB to collect money from debtors. Debtors include persons who owe money to the WCB directly as well as those liable under the Act or other law to repay money owed to the board by others. 

This policy: 

  • explains when the WCB will use formal debt collection processes; 
  • describes the formal debt collection processes the WCB uses; and 
  • provides examples of debtors who may not, themselves, owe money to the WCB, but who may nevertheless be liable for a debt owed to the board. 
Previous policy versions
January 1, 2014 - December 31, 2021

Applies to collection activities prior to January 1, 2022.