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Section 73 of The Workers Compensation Act (the Act) establishes four classes of employers (Classes B to E) for the purpose of assessment. Employers in Classes B to D are individually liable to pay the claim costs of their workers plus their share of the administrative expenses of the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). These employers are known collectively as self-insured employers. 

The Province of Manitoba and various government agencies are the only employers in Class C, while the City of Winnipeg is the only employer in Class D. 

Class B employers are listed in a schedule to the Self-Insured Employers Regulation, made by the WCB Board of Directors. 

Unlike the employers in Classes C and D, Class B employers are required to provide the WCB with security in order to defer paying the WCB an amount equal to the estimated future cost of claims attributable to them. 

This policy: 

  • lists the forms of security the WCB will accept from Class B employers; 
  • briefly describes how the WCB determines the estimated future cost of claims, and accordingly, the amount of security required; and 
  • specifies the renewal and expiry dates of the security.
Previous policy versions
January 1, 1995 to December 31, 1998

This policy applies to decisions between the above dates. [This policy is numbered as and titled Criteria for Self-Insured Status under Class B.] [This policy was rescinded effective January 1, 1999.]