The WCB partners with SAFE Work Manitoba to help you invest in safety and health at your workplace - and ultimately reduce your WCB costs.

To help you get there, SAFE Work Manitoba has developed a new standard for occupational safety and health in the province called SAFE Work Certified.

SAFE Work Certified works with industry-based safety programs (IBSPs) to offer safety and health certification to Manitoba employers who meet this standard, while also providing a financial reward to employers who take steps to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. 


Safety and Health Certification Programs

The following safety and health certification programs are currently offered:


Heavy - Manitoba Heavy Construction Association

Industrial, Commercial and Residential - Construction Safety Association of Manitoba


Made Safe


RPM Trucking Industry Safety program 

Sales and Services:

S2 Safety: Sales and Service Safety Association

For other industries:  

Contact SAFE Work Manitoba

Winnipeg: 204-957-SAFE (7233)

Outside Winnipeg: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233)




FAQs - General information 
FAQs - Worker participation in safety and health certification


Certifying Partner Information

SAFE Work Certified brochure

Roadmap for SAFE Work Certified

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