As an employer in Manitoba, you have the right to appeal a claim with the WCB if you don’t agree with the decision. You can appeal several aspects of a claim, such as:

  • the WCB's decision to accept or deny a claim
  • a worker’s right to compensation or other benefits
  • cost relief decisions
  • late reporting penalties.

If you would like to begin the appeal process, follow these steps outlined below:

Before you start your appeal, we encourage you to talk with the adjudicator or case manager to better understand the decision. 

If you aren’t able to find a solution after speaking with the adjudicator or case manager, follow the next steps to file an appeal.

To appeal a claim decision, you will need to contact the Review Office. The Review Office will decide if the decision by the adjudicator or case manager should be overturned or not. 

You will need to write or email the Review Office at the address listed below and tell us exactly why you disagree with the decision and what you are basing your appeal on. 


Review Office
333 Broadway 
Winnipeg MB  R3C 4W3 


You can also fill out the Employer Request for Reconsideration form and fax or email it to the Review Office directly.


Within Winnipeg: 204-954-4999 

Toll free: 1-877-872-3804

As part of the Request for Review, you can request a copy of the claim file. A copy of the claim file can help you understand why the adjudicator or case manager made their decision. It might also have other information that you can use to support your appeal. 

The WCB will provide you with one free copy of the file if you make a request through the Review Office.

You will also receive a letter with the Review Office's decision and why it was made. If you decide to appeal the Review Office’s decision, you will use this letter to write the Appeal Commission and fill out the Application to Appeal form to explain why you think the decision should be changed. 

If you do not agree with Review Office’s decision about your appeal, you can contact the Appeal Commission for a final review. 

It normally takes about 60 days for the Review Office to make a decision.

What happens after a decision has been made on the appeal will depend on the result. Please refer to our Review Office FAQ for more information on the appeal process.

You can appeal a claim decision at any time. There is no deadline or expiration date.


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