Coverage & Benefits

Learn about the coverage and benefits offered by workers compensation insurance.

Apprentices - Wage Loss Benefits

Average Earnings FAQ

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Online Services

Get how-to guides for WCB’s Online Services, including Clearances and Incident Reporting. 

Claims Online Guide

Online Clearances Guide

Online Incident Reporting Guide

Appeal a Decision

You can appeal the WCB's decisions related to injury claims and business assessment rates.

Appeal Commission Brochure

Appealing an Assessment Decision FAQ

Benefits and Services for Injured Workers


Get information about the WCB’s privacy policy.

Accessing Your Information Brochure

WCB Worker Handbook

Healthcare Forms

Get forms to submit medical reports to the WCB as a healthcare provider.

Blank Opioid Treatment Agreement

Chiropractor First Report

Chiropractor Progress Report

Healthcare Billing

Get forms to submit invoices to the WCB as a healthcare provider.

Chiropractor Billing Form

Direct Deposit Form

General Billing Form

Injury Prevention

Find information about preventing injuries and illnesses at work.

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Back to Basics Guide

Call the WCB Video Facilitator's Guide

Prevention Research

Read about injury and illness prevention research funded by the WCB’s Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP).

Enhancing Seclusion and Restraint-Free Mental Health Services

Exposures to Carcinogens in the Aerospace Industry

Farm Safety Program Final Report