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2014-10-01 05:13
2023-10-13 01:15
(Yuriy Pylypiv) Hi, my name is Yuriy. I’ve been in Canada for around 7 years and been working in the construction field.

I just wanted to tell you a short story about my injury at work.

And for some reason, for lack of knowledge I didn't really thought about claiming it and took some time off from work.

Not telling my boss about my injury; I injured my back and basically, the second day I couldn’t do any work.

I was lying for quite a few days at home and basically, when I came back home, not 100% feeling good but able to work.

I still felt a little bit in pain and my boss actually asked me what happened, he heard about my injury.

And he asked me if I went to the doctor, if made any claims, if I want any help to place the claim to the WCB.

At that point of time I wasn't really aware of WCB, what is it like and the help they can give you.

So, with all the information from my boss, from my co-workers actually, to get to know what kind of benefits I can get from WCB.

And at that time when I placed my claim I understood that I can get some payment while I'm off work and being sick or being injured while I'm working.

So that really helped me to know that there was such an organization that can help people who are not willing to work because of some kind of injury that happened through the working process.

So I'm really thankful for the boss that recommended me to go and place the claim.

And actually nowadays I know if something would happen to me at work I know where to go and that organization helped me a lot in the process of recovering.