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Welcome to the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, also known as the WCB for short.
The WCB provides insurance coverage to workers who are injured or disabled while at work.
It covers wages lost for injured workers unable to work, healthcare and rehabilitation costs, and it is paid for by employers.
The WCB offers no-fault insurance, which means that if an injury or incident takes place at work or while doing work-related duties, workers are covered.
On this website, you will find WCB resources in English, French, Spanish, Tagalog, German, Chinese and many other languages, Including factsheets for workers and employers, brochures, posters and stickers.
You can also visit for more resources on preventing injuries at work.
If you would like to speak to someone at the WCB, please call us at 204-954-4922 or 1-855-954-4321.
If you prefer to speak to someone in another language, we can connect you instantly to a language interpreter.
Remember, if you’re hurt at work, the WCB is here to help.