The combined efforts of employees, employers and the WCB make safe and suitable return to work programs possible. To hear about employers and employees’ experiences with return to work, watch these testimonial videos. 


Return to Work at Actionmarguerite 

The Actionmarguerite team recounts their journey creating positive impacts on employees and the organization when their HR team collaborated with the WCB to update their return to work process. 



Return to Work at Birchwood Automotive Group 

The Birchwood team shares how their passion for investing in their people and wanting them to feel cared for inspired them to elevate their return to work program with help from the WCB. 

Return to Work at Co-op 

This video shows how Co-op got their employees to buy into a return to work plan as a natural extension of efforts to improve safety and workplace culture.  

Mona’s Return to Work Story 

Mona shares her story about how she worked with her employer on a long-term return to work plan so they could adjust Mona’s work in a way that benefited everyone. 


Dallas’s Return to Work Story 

Dallas tells his story about how his workplace injury didn’t stop him from doing the job he enjoys thanks to his workplace providing safe and suitable modified duties.