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The WCB today announced the departure of Richard Deacon after three years as leader. At the same time, WCB Board Chair announced the appointment of Catherine Skinner as Acting President and CEO, while the search for a new leader begins.

"On behalf of the Board, I want to thank Richard Deacon for his contributions to the organization" said Michael Werier, Board Chair. "Richard led us through a challenging pandemic and recovery while bringing fresh ideas and energy to the WCB."

Catherine Skinner, Vice President of Legal, Compliance and Corporate Services at the WCB, will serve as acting President and CEO while the Board undertakes a comprehensive internal and external search for a new President and CEO. Ms. Skinner has been with the WCB for 10 years, serving as Vice President for the past five. 

"The Board is moving in a different leadership direction as it continues to provide trusted, responsive service to Manitoba's workers and employers, " Werier added.

The WCB Board of Directors is comprised of representatives of workers (nominated by the Manitoba Federation of Labour), employers (nominated by the Manitoba Employers Council), of the public interest (appointed by the Province of Manitoba), and a Chair (nominated by the Board of Directors and appointed by the Province of Manitoba).


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