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(WCB Research and Workplace Innovation Program logo appears)

- In 2009 the WCB established the Research and Workplace Innovation Program

(Winston Maharaj - President and CEO, WCB Manitoba)
- or, R.W.I.P, to promote and fund innovative projects that help reduce workplace injuries

- and diseases and help workers recover from injuries in the workplace.

In 2014 eight submissions were awarded grants for initiatives that focused in areas such as

- injury prevention, scientific research and Health and Safety training for newcomers to Manitoba's workforce.

(Jamie Hall COO, Safe Work Manitoba)
- It's a great program to have because sometimes the most difficult part of a new idea or a new approach

- is just the momentum to get it started and so R.W.I.P provides that opportunity.

(Sonia Kowalewich - MFL Occupational Health Centre)
We're thrilled to receive this funding form the Workers Compensation Board Research and Workplace Innovation Program

This allows us an opportunity to spread our Train the Trainer program out to the WES-MAN region.

And allows us to work directly with the workers in their community, in their first language.

(Kimberley Gretschmann - Standard Manufacturers Services Ltd.)
I'm delighted to be here today to share with you the outcome of our Workers Compensation Board funded Workplace Innovation Project.

We incorporated a robotic arm in our foundry, in our aluminum foundry, to eliminate the manual aspects of molten aluminum from the operator.

(Jamie Hall COO, Safe Work Manitoba)
Safety associations provide valuable support to members through training and awareness, through consulting

- and by acting as the certifying partner in achieving certification in their sector.

This grant allow us to invest in our partners and to help them get their safety association started, to start their industry based safety program

- and it's, so it is very helpful in building those important partnerships that will make a difference in the future for improving safety in the Province.

(Winston Maharaj - President and CEO, WCB Manitoba)
Over the past six years R.W.I.P funding has supported a total of 47 projects.

The projects funded by our Research and Workplace Innovation Program are strong contributors to WCB's goals around prevention and return to work.