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(ROMANDO CRUZ) Hi, hello, good afternoon; my name is Romando Cruz and I'm going to present my story.

In the late afternoon, at 5 o'clock, I was pulling out my cart with a cabinet on it.

The cabinet accidentally fell on my foot.

I noticed that the cabinet was not in good shape.

I didn't report to my supervisor because I knew it's not a big injury.

I rested for two days and came back to work.

The next morning my supervisor went to my station and asked me what had happened during the time of the accident.

I explained to him everything so he knew all about it.

And he gave the cell phone number to me before he went in a meeting and told me that I had to call him back after my shift ends.

I was worrying about being terminated or dismissed from my job.

My wife knew all about it and she decides to call my supervisor back.

My supervisor told her that I had to provide a doctor's note and a medical checkup.

The next day I brought my doctor's note and presented it to my supervisor.

Instead of worrying I am happy of what had happened.

WCB or, Workers Compensation Board, paid my two working days that I didn't work and reimbursed medical expenses.

Now I know how WCB works.