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When a worker is injured or becomes ill at work, the goal of the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) is to reduce the impact of the injury by assisting the worker in returning to work, preferably with his or her accident employer. Most of the time the worker, employer and collective bargaining agent (where applicable) will make their own arrangements. The WCB encourages these permanent or transitional arrangements and will work with all parties to help the worker safely return to work.

Under The Workers Compensation Act (the Act), some employers are required to offer to re-employ injured and ill workers. The WCB will provide assistance to all employers, whether or not they are required to offer re-employment, to help them return an injured or ill worker to work.

This policy outlines the WCB’s approach to the return to work of injured workers through modified or alternate duties with the accident employer. It also provides guidance and interpretation of the re-employment obligations outlined in section 49.3 of the Act.