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Policy Purpose

Under Section 33 of the Workers Compensation Act (the Act), the WCB may provide academic or vocational assistance to surviving dependent spouses or common-law partners of deceased workers to assist in becoming employable or increasing their earning capacity. While participation by surviving spouses or common-law partners is voluntary, it should be offered to all eligible individuals.

The intent of this policy is to minimize the impact of the death of a worker by assisting the spouse or common-law partner to become more self-sufficient before WCB survivors' benefits end. Given the individual's personal circumstances, the goal of this policy is to maximize the employability or earning capacity of the spouse or common-law partner. Through this policy the WCB provides academic or vocational assistance to help a spouse or common-law partner who is committed and motivated to become more self-sufficient.

This policy explains how and when and for how long rehabilitation for spouses or common-law partners will be provided.

Assistance under the Act does not affect entitlement to other benefits provided under the Act. Nor does it create any additional entitlement beyond what is provided for in the Act.

This policy applies to fatalities resulting from accidents on or after January 1, 2006.