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2016-06-08 08:09
2020-03-24 04:26
Kevin Rebeck: The WCB provides a very important support system for workers.
We have tens of thousands of workers that are injured every year.
Before there was workers’ compensation, if a worker got injured, often that was end of their career.
The WCB system provides fast supports not only financially but also them to get the physiotherapy or health care supports, or the retraining that might be necessary to get back into the workforce.
And it’s a protection for employers as well.
Employers are protected from lengthy lawsuits and the challenges and problems that they can get on with, making the workplace safe.
The WCB has recognized that we need to invest in protection. We need to get ahead of these injuries and prevent them from happening.
And taking action and creating a prevention arm like we have in Manitoba now that’s focused on helping the employers remove hazards, provide appropriate training and supports, is the right direction for us to move into.
That drives cost down for employers, that prevents accidents for workers, no wants to be hurt in the workplace.