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2016-06-08 08:01
2020-03-24 04:24
Kevin Rebeck: Imagine a time when health and safety rights didn’t exist. Workers face dangers and hazards we can’t imagine today. And if you got injured, you are on your own.
There was no guarantee of compensation, healthcare, or employment.
You and I don’t have to imagine a time like that, because the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba exists.
The WCB of Manitoba helps protect workers financially, but it’s also a place that promotes awareness of workers’ rights, emphasizes injury prevention, and assists in helping injured workers return to work in a safe and healthy manner.
On behalf of the Manitoba Federation of Labor and all of those who’ve been helped by the Workers Compensation Board, I want to congratulation the WCB on their anniversary.
Workers and employers have come a long way in a hundred years, and together, we can keep making workers’ compensation stronger.