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2016-06-08 07:56
2020-03-24 04:23
Chuck Davidson: Whether you’re in retail or construction, hospitality or manufacturing, your life has been impacted by the Workers Compensation Board.
You just might not have realized it. The WCB of Manitoba brought employers together to protect their businesses by protecting their workers.
It’s where the idea of collective insurance rather than litigation was introduced.
And it’s a place that started promoting a safe, healthy return to work after an injury occurred.
So on behalf of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, our 69 local chambers that represent close to 10,000 businesses, I’d like to congratulate the WBC of Manitoba on 100 years and for making the phrase, “If you’re hurt at work, we’re here to help. More than just a brand,” for making it a promise to workers and employers that WCB continues to keep.