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2016-06-08 07:36
2020-03-24 04:19
Chuck Davidson: The role that WCB plays is it makes sure that businesses are protected and that employees are as well.
You know, they’ve continually been able to reinvent themselves at a certain time to be able to meet the needs of more businesses in a changing business environment.
They’ve looked at different ways that they can provide services at the same time and work with businesses.
When you’ve got injuries in the workforce, that’s lost revenue, that’s lost people, that’s the cost factor that they don’t need to deal with.
The best policies that they can look for and the best thing that we can encourage a business is to not have injuries at all.
So they’re looking at, “How can we reduce the number of injuries in the work place?”
I think that’s critical for employers and at the same time, it’s critical for employees as well that if that safety is being a top-of-mind prospect, it’s something they’re really looking at.
I think what WCB does is it provides them with a resource and an entity that makes sure that if there are injuries in the workforce, if there’s an organization that’s going to work with businesses and employees and made it a program that’s going to be there to make sure that employees if they’re injured on the job, that there’s a plan and a place – something in place for them to be able to return to work.