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(Sarah returning to work and going to see Jay in his office)

(Jay as Sarah enters his office) Hey.

(Jay) Hey Sarah I'm glad to see you're back. How are you feeling?

(Sarah) Much better; I'm taking medication and I can move now.

(Jay) Well, just to be sure, we're going to put you on lighter duties in shipping and receiving; it's just part of the return to work plan.

(Sarah) How long will that take?

(Jay) Well until your back is better and then you go to your regular job.

(Sarah) Okay, thank you.

(Jay) I'm going to get Frank to show you the shipping and receiving scanning system; let's go.

(Sarah at her new workstation)

(Male co-worker) Hey Sarah so nice to see you.

- So, what happened?

(Sarah) They gave me time off to get better with pay.

(Co-worker) So howís your back now?

(Sarah) It still aches a bit but the doctor says that's normal and that I should do some activity and not just rest.

(Co-worker) Was Jay mad?

(Sarah) No, we made a report to the Health and Safety Committee and made a claim to the Workers Compensation Board. Jay really helped me a lot.

- It wasn't hard at all.

(Co-worker) That's what Amy told me; if you don't report an incident or injury to the WCB and you have to miss work you don't get paid.

- So calling the WCB protects your family.

(Sarah) Back in my home country it wasn't like that; it's different here, it's a good law.

(Co-worker) Hey don't go changing departments on me now. We really miss you.

- See you at break?

(Sarah nods and smiles before getting back to work)

(Jay stops by Sarah's workstation)

(Jay) How's your back with the new work plan?

(Sarah) It's good; thank you.

(Jay) Well, just remember if you need to talk about anything you can always come and see me.