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Jay speaking on the phone)

(Co-workers helping Sarah to Jay's office)
- (They knock and Jay motions them to come in)

(Jay) Something has come up; okay, I'll talk to you later.

(Female co-worker) Hi Jay, sorry to bother you but Sarah just hurt herself lifting some boxes and she wasn't sure what to do.

She was worried about reporting this but I told her to come and talk to you.

(Jay) No, are you alright? Please, take a seat

(Female co-worker) Sarah, Jay will help you. We're going to get back to work.
- (Male co-worker) Take care.

Okay Sarah, what happened?

(Sarah) I was lifting a box for an order and I got a pain in my back.

(Jay) Does it hurt when you're sitting?

(Sarah) I'm okay like this but it hurts when I stand.

(Jay) Well you did the right thing by coming to me and don't worry, you will never get into any trouble reporting incidents like this.

- We want to make sure we have a safe workplace.

(Sarah) I don't want people to think I'm a bad employee.

(Jay) Of course not, you're one of our best.

- We have to fill out an internal report and then you need to see your doctor.

- When you get home call WCB, they’ll help you with the rest.

(Sarah) Okay.

(Jay) Call me as soon as you get home and let me know what your doctor said.
- Then we'll know when you can come back to work

(Sarah) So I can't do my job?

(Jay) Please don't worry about that right now. We'll put you on a return to work plan when you come back to work.

- Your doctor will help us figure out what is safe for you to do. This means we're going to change your duties based on what your doctor said.

(Sarah) What does that mean?

(Jay) It means we're going to give you things to do so you won't have to lift anything heavy until you're better.

(Sarah) Ah, okay, I see.

(Jay) But first call the WCB. They're very helpful.

(Sarah) Thanks Jay. I will call the WCB when I get home.

(Jay) Sure, and don't forget to call me and let me know what your doctor said.

- Here, let me get some forms.

(Sarah walking home slowly)

(Sarah at home calling WCB) Hello, WCB? I'd like to make a report.

- Can I talk to one of your interpreters?

- Can I talk to someone who can speak Tagalog?