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2014-09-30 05:23
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Hurt at Work?
- Call WCB

(Employess wrapping up a pre-start meeting)

(Woman working in factory lifts box and appears to be injured)

(Female Worker) Ah! Oh! (Breathing hard is though in pain)
- (Male Co-worker leaves station and goes to assist her)

(Female Worker) I'm fine. I'm fine.

(Male Co-worker) Are you sure? You don't look fine.

(Female Worker) Shh! Keep it down. I don't want want Jay to hear.

(Male Co-worker) Why? Are you afraid you'll get into trouble?

(Female Worker) I hope not. I don't want to lose my job.

(Female Co-worker) Hey, are you okay? You look hurt.

(Female Worker) Yes, it hurts when I bend my back.

(Male Co-worker) She's afraid she will lose her job if she says anything.

(Female Co-worker) You have nothing to worry about. Can you walk?

(Female Worker) Yes, I'm fine, let's get back to work.

(Female Co-worker) I know how you feel. I injured myself on the job two years ago and it was pretty bad.

I couldn't use my right hand for almost three weeks.

You really need to tell Jay, he can help you.

I'll go with you.

(Female Worker) Really? He won't be upset?

(Female Co-worker) You're not going to lose your job.

And nobody will think you're making trouble at work. Let's go.

(Female Worker - as co-workers help her stand up) Ah!

(Female Co-worker) You know, our company already pays into insurance for injuries like yours.

It's called the Workers Compensation Board.

Most people call it the WCB.

You really need to call them and report this.

(Female Worker) But my English is not good.

(Female Co-worker) That's okay. The WCB has language interpreters who can help with that.

Jay's got the number.