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Female Announcer) No one expects to hurt at work but it happens.

And when you're hurt at work the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba or, WCB, is here to help.

To help you you have to help us by reporting workplace injuries.

The first thing to do if your're hurt at work

- is to get health care attention right away if it is needed.

When you do be sure to tell your health care provider you were injured at work.

Your health care provider will need to fill out a report and send it to the WCB.

You will also need to report your injury to your employer as soon as you can.

Then, report your injury to the WCB

- especially if your injury required you to get health care attention

- or resulted in you missing time from work.

Your employer will also report your injury to the WCB.

When you call the Workers' Compensation Board you must have;

- Your Social Insurance Number

- Your personal Health Insurance Number

- The name of the healthcare provider you saw,

- your wage or salary information if you missed time from work.

The Workers' Compensation Board has translation services available

- so you can speak to a WCB representative in the language of your choice.

You will tell the WCB representative about your injury and how you were injured.

Then the WCB representative will give you a claim number

- and the name and telephone number of a person called an adjudicator.

Your adjudicator is the person who will work on your claim with you.

If you have any questions or concerns you can call your adjudicator.

Your adjudicator will review your claim

- and make a decision about your entitlement to benefits.

While you are recovering from your workplace injury you should always;

- Follow your healthcare provider's recovery plan and go to all followup appointments

- Stay in touch with your employer so they know how your recovery is going,

- and when you might be able to return to work;

- either doing your regular job or doing modified work until you are fully recovered,

- and stay in touch with your adjudicator.

Or if it is a longer term claim, your case manager so that they are also aware of your progress.

Just remember, you have the right to report your workplace injury

to the Workers' Compensation Board

Because reporting will help you get benefits and cover lost wages while you are recovering.

When you're hurt at work we're here to help.

So report all workplace injuries to the Workers' Compensation Board of Manitoba

- By calling 204 - 954 - 4321, or - 1 - 855 - 954 - 4321.