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Prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses is a core WCB mandate, as outlined in section 54 of The Workers Compensation Act (the Act). As part of this mandate, the WCB works with industry to establish robust industry-specific workplace safety and health programs. This is mainly done through employer or industry associations and their Industry-Based Safety Programs (IBSPs). IBSPs are Certifying Partners in the WCB's SAFE Work Certified program. 

The Act authorizes the WCB to fund prevention research and safety programming out of the accident fund. The WCB funds IBSPs through a combination of WCB funding and special industry-specific levies paid by employers in designated classification codes and administered by the WCB. 

This policy establishes the framework for the funding of IBSPs by outlining minimum governance and financial reporting requirements for all IBSPs. Detailed requirements are contained in funding agreements between the WCB and individual employer associations or equivalent corporate body hosting an IBSP.