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Effective date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 2003
Last update: 
Monday, September 18, 2017


Policy Purpose

The Workers Compensation Act provides that the WCB may conduct safety programs on accident prevention and safety in the workplace. This policy represents the WCB's strategy to facilitate the funding of safety programs provided by industry associations. The goal of this policy is to promote the prevention of workplace injuries. An increased emphasis on prevention will ultimately reduce the human and financial costs of injury and disease.

The term "safety program" is used to indicate education and information programs about health and safety at the workplace. Safety programs are conducted by an industry association to assist employers in preventing hazards that can result in traumatic injury, occupational diseases, or chronic health illnesses. These programs, whether funded through the WCB assessment system or independently by employers, can be effective tools in the effort to decrease workplace injuries.

Through this policy, the WCB encourages the development throughout Manitoba of industry-based safety programs and the industry associations that deliver the programs. The WCB aims to encourage and assist industry associations in promoting the improvement of the health and safety environment in Manitoba workplaces, and, in certain cases, to facilitate funding for safety programs. The WCB will also assist industry associations in developing a financially sound and responsible base for providing safety programs for Manitoba firms and workers.