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2016-06-08 08:13
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Learn more about the WCB’s history of helping Manitobans.

John Wilton: My name is John W. Wilton, but some people called me Fighting Jack. I helped pioneer Workers Compensation in Manitoba or rather helped pioneer Workmen’s Compensation.
When I first introduced the act, it was a very different time.
That’s reflected in the fact that back in 1916, we named it the Workmen’s Compensation Act. The women workers were covered right from the start.
The name wasn’t changed to Workers until 1974.
The long, overdue language change better reflected how the act exists to protect any worker covered by the WCB.
Times change, language changes, but the important role of WCB plays in the Manitoba workplace, that’s as vital as ever.
The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba, here to help since 1916.