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Learn more about the WCB’s history of helping Manitobans.

John Wilton: My name is John W. Wilton, but some people called me Fighting Jack.
I was an MLA in Manitoba for five years and during those five years, one of my proudest moments was introducing the Workers Compensation Act into legislature in 1916.
Back then, workers didn’t have the same rights.
In fact, some of the ways workers were being treated were downright criminal. I recall one story of a woman whose husband was killed at work.
Compensation for her and her five children? $100 and a year’s worth of coal.
It was a grave injustice. My fellow MLAs agreed.
And that, my friends, is why we passed the Workers Compensation Act, an act that remains in place to this very day.
The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba. Here to help since 1916.