Prevention - Preventing workplace injuries and illnesses is an important priority for the WCB. Through our partnership with SAFE Work Manitoba, we are working to improve the lives of Manitoba workers, their families and employers.

Improve Business Performance and Reduce Costs

The most effective way to reduce your WCB costs is to improve health and safety at your workplace and strengthen your Return to Work Programs – and we partner with SAFE Work Manitoba to promote and help you achieve these ideals.  

Preventing workplace injuries is the single most effective way to protect workers and control your workers compensation costs. Investing in workplace safety and health – whether in dollars or time – is well worth it because of the injuries and illnesses prevented and lives saved.

Bienvenue à la WCB

Bienvenue à la WCB
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Welcome to the WCB - Brochure

Welcome to the WCB - Brochure
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SAFE Work Certified Program (SWCP)

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Policy Purpose

Under section 54.1 of The Workers Compensation Act (the Act) the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) has a mandate to "promote safety and health in workplaces and to prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injury and illness." Under this mandate the WCB must:

a) promote public awareness of workplace safety and health and injury and illness prevention;

b) promote an understanding of and compliance with the Act and The Workplace Safety and Health Act;


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