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Policy Purpose

1. This policy applies to firms with which the WCB has an existing relationship described as Calculated For Information Only (CFIO).

2. The Board may delegate certain procedural responsibilities related to calculating or paying benefits, providing these procedures are carried out consistently with the terms of the Act, regulations, and WCB policies.

3. The WCB will, where feasible, enter into a formal contract with firms with whom the WCB has an existing CFIO agency relationship, and will set out the terms and conditions of that relationship including the terms and conditions for terminating that relationship.

4. The agreement will provide that the WCB may terminate the agency relationship immediately where it believes the Act, a regulation or a policy has been or is being violated by the agent.

5. Termination of an existing agreement, for cause or otherwise, can be made by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors. Approval of any new agency relationship can only be made with the approval of a 2/3 plus one vote of the Board of Directors.