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The Workers Compensation Board's (WCB) 2022 Annual Report and Five Year Plan was tabled in the Manitoba Legislature yesterday.

The report highlights the role that safe return to work and prevention programs can play in supporting key metrics and the importance of sound financial stewardship in maintaining a healthy reserve.

"We successfully weathered the pandemic as well as the volatility of a challenging investment year in 2022," said Richard Deacon, President and CEO of the WCB. Deacon attributed the overall success to collaboration with employers and other stakeholders and as a result of our focus on sustainability and stability, the WCB continues to have the lowest average assessment rate in Canada.

"While there was a small increase in the number of time loss claims, the success we have had in creating greater awareness of the benefits of return to work for workers and employers has paid off," said Deacon. Key metrics such as days lost to injury and average days paid also showed improvement in spite of challenges in the broader economy.

SAFE Work Manitoba, an operating division of the WCB, also continued to contribute as safety and health leaders. "We were pleased to welcome a new and important industry-based safety program called the Manitoba Association for Safety in Healthcare (MASH)," said Deacon. "This initiative has been in development over the past several years and was made possible through collaboration and the commitment of all major stakeholders to improving outcomes for all, across the industry."

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