Resource Type: Guide

Roles: Workers

Topics: Coverage, Worker Benefits

Created On: 2015-12-11 - 14:15

Last Update On: 2020-03-31 - 17:00

This resource provides answers to frequently asked questions about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and workers compensation, including:

  • Am I covered by the WCB if I have PTSD or another psychological injury?
  • What is the PTSD presumption?
  • Do I have to work in a certain occupation to be covered by the PTSD presumption?
  • What if I suffered a psychological injury many years ago? Am I still covered?
  • Does PTSD presumptive coverage guarantee that my WCB claim will be accepted?
  • Does the PTSD presumption give workers special benefits?
  • What types of treatments does the WCB cover?