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Section 73 of The Workers Compensation Act (the Act), effective January 1, 1992, provides for the classification of employers into five classes:

Class A - Provincially funded industries set out in a schedule established by the WCB
Class B - Self-insured employers set out in a schedule established by the WCB
Class C - Province of Manitoba and its agencies
Class D - City of Winnipeg
Class E - All industries set out in the schedule and not included in Classes A, B, C or D

Class E employers are assessed on an "insured payroll" basis while Classes A, B, C and D are assessed on a self-insured basis.

Section 76.2(1) of the Act empowers the WCB by regulation to establish a schedule of self-insured employers.

This policy establishes the criteria and conditions for inclusion in Class B as a self-insured employer. The WCB will classify an employer within Class B if the criteria established by this policy are satisfactorily met by the employer.

Note: By Board Order 42/94, requests for Self-Insured Status will not be considered at least until the complete retirement of the unfunded liability.